NU Questions
 NU Questions
1.CSE-111 Introduction to Computer System 
==> Introduction to Computer Hand Note-1
 Introduction to Computer Hand note-1
==> Introduction to Computer Hand Note-2
 Introduction to Computer Hand Note-2
==> Introduction to Computer Board Solve -2010,2011,2013
 Introduction to Computer Board Solve -2010,2011,2013
2.CSE-112 Programming Language 
==> Programming Language City College Book
 Programming Language City College Book
3 CSE-114 Physics (Electricity Magnetism)
==> Physics Board Solve
 Physics Board Solve
==> Physics Hand Note by DIIT
 Physics Hand Note BY DIIT
4.CSE-115 Differential Calculus and Coordinate Geometry 
==> Math Solve Part-1
 Math Solve part-1
==> Math Solve Part-2
 Math Solve Part-2
==> Math Solve Part-3
 Math Solve Part-3
==> Math Solve Part-4
 Math Solve Part-4
==> Geometry Board Solve 
 Geometry Board Solve
==> Math Hand Note 
 Math Hand Note
==> Math Theorem 
 Math Theorem
5.GED-116 English  
==> English Grammar & Composition Book
 English Grammar & Composition Book

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