CSE-311 Theory of Computation 

==>Theory of Computation Note-1

 Theory of Computation Note-1

==>Theory of Computation Note-2

 Theory of Computation Note-2  

CSE-312 Microprocessor and Assembly Language 

==> Microprocessor Board Solve  

 Microprocessor Board Solve  

==>Microprocessor Note by IST

 Microprocessor Note by IST 

==>Microprocessor Memory Guide 

 Microprocessor Memory Guide  

CSE-314 Engineering Mathematics 

==>Engineering Math Solve by IST-1

 Engineering Math Solve by IST-1 

==>Engineering Math Solve by IST-2 

 Engineering Math Solve by IST-2 

GED-315 Sociology  

==>Sociology Hand Note-1 

 Sociology Hand Note-1 

==>Sociology Hand Note-2 

     Sociology Hand Note-2

GED-316 Technical Writing & Communication

==>Technical Writing & Communication Note

 Technical Writing & Communication Note
Sources :DCC, IST, DIIT, BIST, ISTT, SBPGC & MIST(Collected)

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